Mystery of the Night Watchers
A M Howell

MAY, 1910. As the blazing Halley's comet draws close to the earth, Nancy is uprooted to start a new life in Suffolk with a grandfather she has never met. With every curtain drawn shut, Nancy is forbidden from leaving her grandfather's house: no one must know that her or her mother are there.

Yet, when Nancy discovers the house's secret observatory, she watches her mother and grandfather creep out every night... Where are they going? And why mustn't any of them be seen? As the mysteries pile up, Nancy has to bring dark secrets from the past to light - even if doing so will put her own life at risk.

A gripping new adventure filled with buried secrets and dark lies, set against the evocative backdrop of the Edwardian era.

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Fascinating plot. Lots of suspense and unanswered questions at the start!

A very good book with an AMAZING plot twist.
Nancy goes on a spectacular journey of truth and when she has defeated the mayor is when the whole town is victorious.
5 out of 5. 5*

I found this a very hard book to put down! It was a really good read. My favourite character would probably be Burch as he was such a good friend and I really liked the way his laugh was described as 'bell-like'. A lovely book!

I love mystery books and this one was perfect for me because it contained adventure AND mystery. It has many fast-paced and exciting twists to the story.

I really loved your book and the way in which you layered the different sub stories and built up the suspense until I thought it could never work out but somehow, to my relief, it did in the end.