Nisha's War
Dan Smith

Malaya, 1942. Nisha’s home is destroyed by war and she and her mother, Amma, flee to her father’s ancestral house in England, perched on a cliff top on the cold Northern coast.

When Amma falls gravely ill, Nisha is left to face her formidable grandmother alone. Grandmother's rules are countless, and her Anglo-Indian granddaughter is even forbidden from climbing the old weeping tree.

But when a ghost child beckons Nisha to sit under its boughs, and promises her Amma’s life in return for three truths, its pull proves irresistible ...

A page-turning, atmospheric ghost story packed full of adventure and heart ...

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What do we think?

Well-written and exciting. The characters are intriguing!

A thrilling plot twist and so much love at heart when Nisha has to deal with discrimination because of her skin and also has to deal with a war her father could be in at the same time. 5* definitely!

A really lovely story. My favourite character would have been Jamie, because he was such a great friend. Even though he had just met Nisha he helped her in a way as though he had been her friend for years. Twig was also such an interesting character. The ending was surprising - I couldn't have guessed. I REALLY enjoyed this!

A brilliant idea which takes time to unfold. It was amazing!

Nisha's War lets us see World War II from a completely different perspective, which was very refreshing.