The Monsters of Rookhaven
Padraig Kenny

Mirabelle has always known she is a monster. When the glamour protecting her unusual family from the human world is torn and an orphaned brother and sister stumble upon Rookhaven, Mirabelle soon discovers that friendship can be found in the outside world.

But as something far more sinister comes to threaten them all, it quickly becomes clear that the true monsters aren't necessarily the ones you can see.

Thought-provoking, chilling and beautifully written.

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What do we think?

Fun storyline. We thought it might have been even more spooky!

Guilt, lies - two dangerous things.
Hunger, thirst - even worse when combined to make a monster. This is a heartwarming story that shows you that everyone is not who you think they are.

I loved this book because it is about monsters living a normal life before the Glamour rips, making the monsters vulnerable. I like the way the characters symbolise emotion.

AMAZING! Held me captivated from the first page. A very interesting, original story. My favourite character would be Piglet. Piglet is such a cool character who can shapeshift and do many cool things. 5*

I found myself completely immersed in 'The Monsters of Rookhaven' and the intriguing world that the author created.