Ones to Watch

There are so many great books published that it's easy to lose track through the year.  

Each month we'll be choosing some of our favourite new book releases for y7/8 and highlighting books to look forward to in the coming year.

Keep checking back!


The Fights That Make Us
Sarah Hagger-Holt

Jesse has recently come out as non-binary, and is struggling to find their place at school, and ideas for their project on lost stories from history.

Thirty-five years earlier, Jesse's cousin Lisa is falling for her best friend, but with new laws being introduced to restrict LGBT people's rights, they'll have to fight for the world to accept who they are.

When Jesse stumbles across Lisa's teenage diary, they are fascinated and horrified by her stories of living a secret life and protesting in the streets. Now it's Jesse's turn to find a way to shine a spotlight on a history that mustn't be forgotten.

An involving, unputdownable story about LGBTQ+ rights through recent years and the importance of being yourself.  Timely,  thought-provoking and hugely important.


The Creatures of Killburn Mine
Dan Smith

When a meteorite crashes to Earth near Crooked Oak, Pete, Nancy and Krish are determined to find it. But they’re not the only ones …

After spotting one of their teachers up on the moor where the meteorite landed, they start to wonder if his strangely altered behaviour and appearance might be connected to the arrival from outer space. But nothing could prepare them for the horror they uncover deep down in Killburn Mine …

The creepiest and most sinister mystery in this dark sci-fi  series yet.  Are you brave enough to read it?

Northern Soul
Phil Earle

Marv’s fourteen and his life is simple. There’s football. And his best mate, Jimmy. Perfect.

Nothing else matters until a new girl at school called Carly crashes into his life. For Marv, it’s love at first sight, his emotions flipped upside down, as he knows a girl like Carly will never notice him.

He needs help – lots of it – but when it miraculously arrives in the shape of a musical idol from the past, the path to Carly’s heart proves anything but easy …

A funny, big-hearted, acutely relatable story of football, first  (unrequited) love and meeting your musical heroes.

Time Travelling with a Tortoise
Ross Welford

Al Chaudhury travelled back in time to save his father’s life.   And it worked – Al’s dad is alive again and life is back to the way it should be. At least, that’s what Al thinks.

But when an accident robs Al’s beloved Grandpa Byron of his world-beating memory, Al is forced back in time again, this time leaving someone behind, trapped in a prehistoric dimension.

Al is forced into a rescue mission to recover his friend from the past… and to make sure that there will be a future waiting for them all.

Pacy, brilliantly clever time-travelling adventure with family at its heart.