Previously on NETBA

It's hard to believe our award has been going 24 years now!

The books below have all won NETBA in previous years.

There are books to make you laugh, books to make you cry, books to keep you on the edge of your seat, books to make you think, books to take you to faraway times and places, books you'll want to talk about with your friends.....but they all have one thing in common....they all keep you turning the pages.

Which of our shortlisted books will be joining this stellar line-up this year?

A Good Girl's Guide
to Murder
Holly Jackson

Paula Rawsthorne

Paper Butterflies
Lisa Heathfield

The Art of Being Normal
Lisa Williamson

A Little in Love
Susan Fletcher

Say Her Name
Juno Dawson

Emma Pass

Teri Terry

Killing Honour
Bali Rai

When I Was Joe
Keren David

Blood Ties

Sophie McKenzie

Broken Soup
Jenny Valentine

Ally Kennen

The Foreshadowing
Marcus Sedgwick

Looking for JJ
Anne Cassidy

Roxy's Baby
Catherine MacPhail

Kevin Brooks

Blinded by the Light
Sherry Ashworth

Sue Mayfield

The Hard Man of
the Swings
Jeanne Willis

Mary Hooper

Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone
J K Rowling