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Kicking Off - Eve Ainsworth

Feminism and football, a great book!

Kicking Off is a book about feminism and football. It highlights the prejudice shown towards women in the sports industry during WW1. It tells the story of Hettie, a shy teenager who has always been told how young women should behave by her father. She soon starts to work at the local Dick, Kerr factory that makes munitions to help with the war effort. Little does she know that her life is going to change forever. A book that tells readers that they are worthy, and that they can fulfil their dreams if they work hard. A great book, 4/5 stars.

Anna, Sacred Heart High School

Girls can do, or be, anything they want

I think "Kicking Off" is a great book because it includes friendship and sacrifice. I love it mainly because it is set in WORLD WAR 1 and in the time of the suffragettes. When we think about it, we are sorry for the loss of many lives and are proud for the rights of women. But when the story is told through someone experiencing it, we get a whole other effect. We start to see how it really has affected our lives and how people sacrificed and suffered during that time. It shows girls can do or be anything that they want to do or be. Overall, it is a great book and I recommend it.

Livia, Sacred Heart High School

I couldn't stop smiling at the determination

This book was great and I really like the pro-feminism in it. I loved the character’s determination, even when things went wrong.

This book was a very enjoyable read. The storyline was relatively simple but still kept my interest. It had a strong feminist theme and I couldn’t stop smiling at the determination of the strong women. It did have some emotional parts and I was almost shouting at the ignorance of her father.

I loved the feminism side of the football-themed book cover as I wasn’t expecting the strong feminist side of the novel. I thought the character’s determination was extremely admirable.

Chantry Middle School

The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh

Some of the best jokes I've ever heard!

This book is really, really funny! It reminds me of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon in a way. TBWMEL made me feel fuzzy and warm inside because in some parts, it makes me go 'Aww!' It also makes me feel like most of the jokes in The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh are some of the best jokes that I've ever heard!
Francesca, Chantry Middle School

Follow your dreams

This is a book that made me laugh on one page and cry on another. It follows Billy Plimpton, a boy with a stammer, as he makes the big transition from primary school to secondary school and finds his place in a new environment. It shows readers that we are unique and perfect in our own way and that you should follow your dreams, however many hurdles stand in your way. It also tells readers that losing a person you love is hard, but they will always live on in your heart. Amazing book! 4/5 stars.

Anna, Sacred Heart High School

Friends, family and uniqueness

I think this is a great book because it is a boy who has a stammer. He hates his stammer and there is a bully at school who bullies him for it. This book is about friends, family, commitment, and uniqueness. He eventually realises that his stammer is unique, and he should not be ashamed of it. I like it especially because it projects the message you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself and shouldn't change because someone makes you/wants you to. Also, we shouldn't put people down about their insecurities, instead show them that it is a great part of their character/personality.

Livia, Sacred Heart High School

Definitely gets you thinking

An amazing book. Definitely gets you thinking about what it would be like to have a stutter.

I thought this book was sooo good! I loved the way it showed the hardships of the life of someone with a stammer and the way he persevered and got through it.

Chantry Middle School

What We're Scared Of

My eyes were opened

I think this is a great book because it represents two twins who are Jewish. It is a story about being Jewish and how it impacts their lives in good and bad aspects. These twins though couldn't be more different. We learn more about the Holocaust and I admit my eyes were opened more to the suffering experienced by many Jews. You wouldn't believe some of the ways they suffered. I also must admit that I cried a bit during the book, imagine your ancestors dying just because people hate them. However, the book has many great moments. I think it is great overall for helping us to learn more about the Jewish society.

Livia, Sacred Heart High School

Upsetting yet hopeful

I loved this book and very nearly cried at the emotional story of Mala Tribich. I thought the book was upsetting yet hopeful at the same time.

I found this book very intriguing as it showed me that people are still being hurt and targeted just for being a Jew. It opened my eyes to the horrors that still happen in the 21st century and for that reason, I recommend this book to everyone.

I found this book very emotional and really connected with Lottie and Evie. I loved the connections to the past discrimination of Jews.

Chantry Middle School

Things the Eye Can't See

Look for the good in everything

I think this is a great book because it is about crime, mystery, murder and adventure (and some serious plot twists). I love how every page keeps you wanting to read more. It is about a girl who is visually impaired. She has a guide dog called Samson. Some people make fun of her for it. It shows us that even if people are negative about you, it doesn't mean it's true and you should always believe in yourself and never give up. If you want something, go get it. Keep looking for the good in everything. Overall, it is a great book - definitely a one to read.

Livia, Sacred Heart High School

Be your best self

Things the Eye Can’t See is a book all about Libby, a visibly impaired girl who is shielded by her parents. She gets a note from a boy in her class called Charlie who went missing 6 months ago. The note is for a person in her class called Kyle. Can she and Kyle save Charlie before it is too late? A story that shows people to get independence for themselves and to always keep looking for things that are important and to never give up. The book also tells reader to not let one thing hold you back from being your best self. It’s a lovely book, 4/5 stars.

Anna, Sacred Heart High School

An amazing experience

I absolutely LOVED this book!!! It was a great opportunity to see the world from the perspective of someone with partial vision and I could not put it down. I don’t think I have read another book quite like it.’

I thought this book was amazing and I absolutely love Penny Joelson and how she writes about disabilities. I thought this book represented the struggles of young people and grooming. This book really lived up to Penny Joelson’s standard.

I loved this book! I loved the plot and the way it was so realistic. In most books, I picture the scenes and miraculously, when I was visualising the scenes, I saw things from Libby’s point of view as if I was visually impaired! It was an amazing experience.

Chantry Middle School

Boy, Everywhere

Heartfelt and emotional

I loved Boy Everywhere because it was about a boy who wanted and new pair of shoes but when his younger sister and mum went to get it there was a bombing. This bombing changed his whole Life. They made a perilous and painful journey from their home of Damascus to England. Do you remember when refugees were on boats that were overcrowded and capsized? This story was so heartfelt and emotional. Negative as well as positive. A story of never giving up even when it's the only thing you want to do and keep on going even though it is difficult. If you love adventure and mystery, then this book is for you.

Livia, Sacred Heart High School

An emotional rollercoaster

This book was amazing! I loved the way it showed me the story of Syrian refugees in a completely different way to any other book that covers a similar issue. It highlighted the troubles of not only leaving your home, but finding happiness in your new country. It was an emotional rollercoaster and the vivid descriptions brought the story to life, making the terrors Sami faced seem even more real.

I often enjoy the suspense of books about war and this was no exception. However, I did love that it was still different as it showed war from a more modern perspective.’

I loved this book as I thought it highlighted the struggles many people face as refugees across the world. I found it so sad, especially the first two chapters building up to the novel.

Chantry Middle School

Another Twist in the Tale


WOW! I loved this book so much! I think the storyline was genius and incredibly inventive. I haven’t read a book like this in a long time, I loved the historical context and all of the characters were interesting, believable and unique. The twists and turns really lived up to the book’s inventive title. I loved it!

I really liked this book because it is very pro-feminist. I also loved the relationships between characters, especially between Twill and Dodger. I found the concept very clever, however I didn’t like the summaries at the start of each chapter, as I would rather find out what happened rather than know and expect it.

I loved this book with its feminist style and links to the dystopian, Victorian novella Oliver Twist. I thought the links to Oliver were clear but someone who hasn’t read Oliver might find it difficult to follow.

Chantry Middle School