Splinters of Sunshine
Patrice Lawrence

Spey recently received two surprises. The first: his ex-prisoner dad turning up unannounced, and the second: a mysterious package containing torn-up paper flowers.

Spey instantly recognises it as a collage he made with his old friend Dee, and decides she must be in danger, but there are no clues to her whereabouts.

There's only one person he knows who can help to track her down . . .

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I am currently reading Splinters of Sunshine by Patrice Lawrence. It starts off strongly, with Spey discovering his ex-prisoner dad sleeping on the sofa on Christmas Day. Spey then receives a package from his long ago friend, Dee, full of torn-up paper flowers. He knows Dee is in trouble, and so he sets out on a road trip with the only person who can help him on this quest – Benni, his father.

As the book progresses, you see a few letters from Benni to Spey, telling him how much he loves him and wants to see him. They sometimes make you feel very upset after reading them, as the emotion is very strong there. You also get bits and pieces of Spey and Dee’s backstory and you begin to put the pieces together. The thing about the book is that it leaves you completely in the dark at each turn. It’s just one mystery after another, and you keep wanting to solve them. It’s not the sort of thing I usually read, though I do like mysteries. It’s for the fans of mystery, intrigue and excitement. I love it so far and I hope you do too.

I loved this book, it taught me so much about very real issues that young people are facing today.