Fight Back

Fight Back
A M Dassu

Aaliyah is an ordinary thirteen-year-old living in the Midlands - she's into her books, shoes, K-pop and she is a Muslim. She has always felt at home where she live ... until a terrorist attack in her area changes everything.

As racial tensions increase and she starts getting bullied, Aaliyah decides to begin wearing a hijab - to challenge how people in her community see her. But when her school bans the hijab and she is intimidated and attacked for her choices, she feels isolated. Soon Aaliyah realises that other young people from different backgrounds also struggle with their identity and feel alone, scared and judged. Should she try to blend in - or can she find allies to help her fight back? Channelling all of her bravery, Aaliyah decides to speak out. Together, can Aaliyah and her friends halt the tide of hatred rippling through their community?

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What do we think?

Very good; felt like could happen to us - good outcome at the end.

I loved seeing Aaliyah challenging stereotypes, finding her courage and her voice.

I loved this book and the message it spread.  Interesting and engaging, would recommend.

A really good and surprisingly interesting book that has real life problems shown and defeated.  Would recommend.