Tom Palmer

As the brutal Second World War stretches on with no end in sight, life for ordinary Dutch people in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands is fraught with peril and hardship. There is very little to eat and the population lives under the constant threat of arrest and enslavement.

After the murder of her beloved uncle and the capture of her brother by the Germans, Edda is determined to do anything she can to help the resistance fight back against their oppressors. But what can a teenage girl do and how much risk is she willing to take?

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What do we think?

Very good history book; best follow the truth book I've read; needed to explore and lengthen the dangerous bits though, I wanted to read more!

This is a really fast-paced book that educated me a lot about what it as like surviving the war.  My favourite character was Edda because she was really brave and tried helping people when she was going through a very bad situation. 

I really liked this book, it was fun to read and was exciting.  There were some tense moments and it was relieving at the end when all was okay.  A great book and one I would definitely recommend.  5*

The writing of this book is fabulous.

Amazing book, really puts you in the perspective of a young girl prepared to do anything for her country.  I love how the book explains and shows that even in World War Two people had hobbies and tried to have a normal life in the midst of it all.  It also shows the perspective of a slightly lesser known country, the Netherlands.

I love the way this book is based on a true story of a girl in the war.  It was a really interesting and good read. 5*

An emotional and adventurous story of a young girl and her attempt to fight back against occupation.  She finds multiple obstacles, twists and turns as she tries to navigate her way through them.  Survival and discipline are the only option,  It is a truly inspirational story that gives some perspective.

Alex, North Gosforth